13 Mar

Clancy (adopted on October 27, 2011) was originally purchased as a puppy from a pet store in Colorado Springs by a family with young children. However, before his first birthday his owner relinquished him to WRN because he was being abused by the children.

Clancy went into a wonderful WRN foster home with several other, older, Westies who really helped him grow up. A short time later he was adopted by his forever parents, Gene and Minnie. He fit in perfectly with his new Westie big brother, Wilson, and has since become the lap dog in their two dog household.

Quinn (adopted on June 26, 2013) was originally picked up as a stray in Colorado Springs and then transferred to Boulder Humane Society during the devastating forest fires in the Colorado Springs area in early summer of 2013.

Quinn's forever parents, Minnie and Gene, picked him up at Boulder Humane for WRN and planned to temporarily keep him until a vet visit and foster home could be arranged. Everyone, including the resident Westie, Clancy, fell head over heels for Quinn; and, they adopted him in less than a week.