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13 Mar

Kelsey and Theo's story is unfortunately not unfamiliar to rescue groups. Their owners were getting divorced and Kelsey and Theo were not receiving the attention they deserved. They ran away multiple times looking for adventure and finally the owners made the wise decision to call Westie Rescue.

Kelsey loves carrots and has mastered the art of catching them in mid air. She loves to go for walks, but at times she will abruptly sit down and needs to be coaxedto continue her walk. She will bark if she hears the doorbell or a dog barking on T.V.and she occasionally barks at her reflection in the mirror.

Theo (also known as Theodorable) has a tendency to abscond with plastic bottles. As a result, their home is once again child proofed. He also likes to forage through guest's luggage and will proudly display any treasures he has found. He buries his stuffed animals when new and often falls to sleep with one in his mouth. He loves his daily walks and would visit every bush and tree if allowed.

Their Mom says that they are her little shadows and their favorite places are either in her lap or playing on the bed with their Dad. They will both drop anything they may be doing when Dad is in the kitchen... they have trained him well to give out treats. Like many Westies one of their favorite hobbies is chasing squirrels. Kelsey and Theo are a continual source of entertainment and their new owners will be forever grateful for the joy these two Westies have brought into their home.