13 Mar

When Terry first saw 8 year old Kolby's picture on the Westie Rescue website, it was love at first SIGHT for her. Beautiful little Kolby had been relinquished to Westie Rescue because his owner no longer wanted him. He had lost his sight due to cataracts he developed as a result of being diabetic.

Terry had just lost her beloved Wally, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and she was determined to bring Kolby into her life. Westie Rescue paid for Kolby's cataract surgery which allowed him to regain his sight. After several weeks of recovery in a foster home, Kolby made the trip from Denver to Longmont to his forever home.

Kolby settled in with his other adopted brother Jack, a mixed breed about the same size as Kolby. Kolby still has to have drops in his eyes once a day and insulin shots twice a day, and he endures both without so much as a whimper, because he know that there is always at treat at the end of that tunnel!

Kolby's favorite game is to play with two toys at once. He uses one of the toys to bat the other around the floor, thereby creating his own game - no other players needed. This creative game also allows him to play "keep away" with Jack and his mom.

We greatly appreciate owners like Terry and their willingness to open their hearts and homes to our special needs dogs!