Adopted Westies

All of our Westies are special, but sometimes we have dogs who are extra special, and we post them here for extra exposure.  These are some of the special needs Westies who were adopted in the last year.  Since we usually have people waiting for dogs who don't need the extra push, the best way to get on our list is to fill out the Contact Me form on the Adoption Information page to start the adoption process. 

Jenny - adopted

Hi my name is Jenny and I am special.   As you can see, I am part Westie and part … well, something else.  I stand a little taller than most Westies and I’m a bit thinner.  I have flop ears with spots, my eyes are lighter and they have a slightly different shape than usual. 

I’m only about 18 months old.  I have been through a LOT medically, I’ve already had a litter of pups, and I’ve roamed for much of my short life.  It wasn’t until I came into rescue that I could depend upon regular meals, a warm bed, and loving care. 

I’m a perfectly healthy, happy girl who loves to run and play.  My long legs come in handy for long walks.  I love curling up and watching TV (preferably on the sofa) with my Westie foster buddies or on the floor next to my foster mom’s bed at night.  Having a human or two to scratch behind my ears and take me for walks would be most excellent.  I’m totally house trained and good with cats and kids.  I recently learned to “sit” and I’m working on “stay” and “give me five.”  I’m a very fast study.  Most importantly, they say I am a sweet, gentle soul who would really like to be in just one place for the remainder of my life.  

Do you think you are the right home for me?  For more information or to meet me, please contact Westie Rescue at the address below.  Please call soon; I’m waiting.

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

Peekapoo - adopted

Peek-a-poo is a wonderful dog! She is an 8 year old westie mix. She is extremely affectionate! She is a people dog, she greets everyone she meets with a ferocious tail wag and kisses. She loves to go hiking, go on walks, and play outside. She is also content just being next to you all day on the couch.  She is a very mellow dog. This dog is great for any family, even one with kids! She is very smart and learns quickly, and she is already house trained! She would do best as an only dog, and she does take inexpensive medication for seizures. She would love a forever home where she could keep her people company all day long. This is a true lap dog that is waiting for the perfect family to adopt her!

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

Bo Jangles
 - adopted

This loving boy of about 2 or 3 years old had a rough start.  It was first thought he had been hit by a car, as he couldn't walk correctly on his hind legs.  The vet determined however, that he Legg Perthus disease, a deformity of the top of the femur.  He underwent surgery on both legs successfully and is well on his road to recovery. 

Bo is very friendly to everyone he meets and loves to be a lap dog.  He is very friendly to his foster sister dog.  He will need gradually increased walking over the next month or so, but after that should be fully recovered.  He has a great coat,  and weighs 17 lbs.  Because of his leg condition, he never learned to jump up on furniture, but politely asks to be invited up to sit with you.  He is also very friendly with children.

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

Joey - adopted

Joey, is about a 5 year old, neutered Westie Mix. Very affectionate, well house trained. He gets along with other dogs and cats. Crates well. Up to date on shots. He is a really nice dog.

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

Norman - adopted

Norman a Westie mix, is a nine year old gentleman with a sweet disposition.  He loves attention and is very affectionate.  He'll meet you at the top of the stairs with a stretch and a madly wagging tail.  Norman is very mellow with all people but can be tense around other dogs.  He would be happy in a one dog home.  He is great walking on a leash and enjoys nosing around trails outside of town.  Norman eats a simple grain-free diet and takes inexpensive thyroid medication. He is totally trustworthy in your home.  He travels well in his crate and is always ready for his next adventure.  Norman sleeps through the night without a peep.  Content in his crate, he'll gladly curl up in bed with you too.  Norman's previous owner had to relinquish him following an accident.  He has a history of being frightened by thunder and other unexpected noises.

Thanks so much for your kind consideration and perhaps making Norman a permanent family member, he will warm your heart and home

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

Moses - adopted

Moses, age 3, is a real ladies man.  He is ecstatic when his foster mom, Beth, comes home.  He jumps up and down and barks enthusiastic greetings, waiting for her at the top of the stairs.  He also likes his two teenage (human) girls. He loves attention and being scratched behind his ears.

Moses wasn't too keen on going outdoors the first couple of days at our house, but now he spends most afternoons sleeping on the back porch.  It took him awhile to grasp the concept of our daily walks, but now he runs to the door when we start getting out the leashes.  He is more of a 'sniff and poke-along' kind of walk guy, earning him the nickname 'mosey'.

Protecting the backyard from squirrels and birds is a top priority for Moses and his pal Frosty, a 5 year old male Westie whom we adopted two years ago.  They are quite the determined pair, two blurs of white patrolling along our back fence.  They have been quite successful so far, none of our plants or trees are missing!

Now keep in mind that he is also living with two Scottish Terriers, and Scotties are known for their "arhooo's".  Yes, I'm afraid they're teaching Moses to 'arhoo' along with the pack!  He's a cute little guy with a big heart!

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

 - adopted

This sweet, active, a very handsome 7 year old boy is named Jaz. He came from a ranch up North where he and his father lived outdoors, as you can see, he cleans up real nice.  Jaz is always ready to play ball.  He empties his toy basket and squeaks his toys every chance he gets.  He is good on a leash, loves long walks, a warm lap and all the attention he can get.  Jaz sleeps in a crate at night but would prefer to cuddle in the bed.  He was house trained at one time in his life and has had no problem learning again.  Meal time is Jaz's favorite time of day, he also enjoys carrots, sweet peppers and most fruits as treats.  He would do best in a household with children over 8 years of age and as a single dog or with a submissive female(s), not sure about cats.

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

Rosie & Rigby - adopted

Both Rosie and Rigby, ages 7, came separately from questionable beginnings, but have become sociable and playful, and are much more secure since being in a stable home environment.  They love to go on walks, and do well on a leash, and they get along well with other dogs and children.  Like most Westies, they are easy going and adapt well to most situations.  Rosie and Rigby have bonded and would probably be better if they Could be adopted together. Both are very good dogs and could survive individually with lots of love and affection.

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

Nuckles - adopted

Nuckles (nickname Nuckie) is a 5 year old Westie who is very shy.  He is housebroken and has proven himself trustworthy when left in the house uncrated for up to 4 hours.  However, he's comfortable sleeping in a crate at night.

He's healthy with no apparent allergies.  He loves his 2 mile walks and comes home with energy to spare.  He's friendly to the other dogs, adults and children he meets on his walks.  He has mastered going out the dog door, but refuses to come back in through the dog door.  He'll just sit at the back door and give you a bark or 2 so you will let him back in.

He has not show any aggression, and in fact he is quite shy.  You don't have to raise your voice at him, as he is really sensitive and is easily frightened.   He will heading for his crate immediately if he thinks you are angry with him.  He's not a cuddler, but on his terms he likes to lick your hand and loves to sit next to you and rests his head on your leg.  

He's an excellent eater, but startles easily.  He plays fetch and like to see if you can get the toy from him.  He comfortable playing by himself, but does enjoy the company and friendship of one or more dogs.  He is at ease around cats and is currently living with 3 of them.

He is gentle with a very sweet disposition.  He loves to ride in the car.  He comes when he's called.  He good with baths, but is terrified of the dryer, so we let him air dry.  He loves his snow baths (rubbing around in the snow).  He seems to like both men and women.  He has certainly grown on us and ultimately has won our hearts.  

He is looking for a home that will give him good walks, that won't leave him alone all day,   He's looking for understanding and gentle people.  He doesn't have to live with Westies as he accepts most breeds of dogs.  He likes access to the outdoors, and spends a lot of time in the yard watching and chasing squirrels, mostly without barking.  If you think he might be a perfect addition to your family, please contact Westie Rescue……  

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -

Special Needs Westies

When we do not currently have any special needs Westies in the program, we do always have Westies in need of a loving home.  Please contact us through the Adoption Information link to the left to find out more.
Kolby - adopted
Do You Have Time to Rescue a Sweet Westie Boy?

Kolby is a sweet and calm 8 year old male whose owners 'didn't have time for him anymore'.  He had developed diabetes which requires special care.  The diabetes has also affected his eyesight and hearing so he needs help with stairs and getting adjusted to a new home.

He is housebroken and sleeps thru the night in his crate or in the owner's bed. He likes to sit on the couch in the evenings and watch TV with his owner.  He loves a yard and enjoys other dogs.  He happily looks forward to leash walks.

Kolby would do well in most any circumstances with a loving, caring owner.

Kolby has a "show dog" appearance and an easy going temperament.

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -


Senior Westies in Need of Retirement Homes

It is the policy of the Westie Rescue Network to find placements for any dog that still has a good quality of life, even when they are over 10 years old.  Consider the possibility of being a retirement home for an older Westie like these.  They are wonderful companions and so much less demanding than younger animals.  A senior citizen will happily sleep away the day while you are at work and be happy to see you when you come home.   They love to take walks but don't need nearly the amount of exercise as the young ones.   Many of them have had hard lives and are so grateful for a warm bed, good food,  and a little kindness.  Nothing feels quite as good as knowing that you have made a Westie's last days peaceful and happy ones.   Whether it is for a few months or a few years, our seniors provide a special joy to the people who love them.

Cory - Adopted

My name is Cory.  I’m a 12-year-old gentleman Westie who is looking for a good retirement home. I spent most of my life with an elderly lady who became too frail to look after me. I’m in excellent health and like nothing better than snuggling up next to humans.  I enjoy going for short walks and get along very well with other dogs.  I like people of all ages, I’m housetrained, and don’t mind being left alone for short periods, but my best home would be with someone who can be with me most of the time.  I have a very cheerful personality and have a lot of love to give some very special future owner.
If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -


Heidi - Adopted

Heidi is a hoot! This cheerful and confident 9 year old was surrendered when her owners decided that retirement would be more fun without pets. What were they thinking?  We thought Heidi would be heartbroken, but nothing gets Heidi down. She makes herself at home anywhere and is always ready for her next adventure.

You’ll find that Heidi is great company and very easy to live with. She walks nicely on her leash beside you, but hang on if she sees a bus. Heidi hates buses. She's not too fond of the UPS truck, either. It is great fun to watch her chat with the cats and dogs inside the TV.  More than anything else, Heidi loves toys. She loves squeaking them, shaking them, surrounding herself with them – this dog is ready to play. Always alert and friendly, Heidi loves to snuggle and will let you know when she needs more petting. She sleeps very nicely in a crate, or on the sofa – but she would be more than happy to sleep with you.

Though sweet and respectful towards people Heidi is bossy with other dogs in her household, so we think she would be happiest as an only dog in an adult home. No cats, please. She could lose a pound or two (couldn't we all?) but her health is good. She has mild allergies which are controlled with a bi-weekly pill. She really doesn't have any faults and she will be the first one to tell you so.

If you're looking for a wonderful Westie companion, this little dog with the huge personality will delight you every day.

If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Westie Rescue -