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We understand that sometimes it is necessary to rehome a Westie and we are here to help you. Westie Rescue Network, Inc. (WRN) has been successfully rehoming Westies for over 20 years. We know that Westies aren't for everyone. A dog that doesn't satisfy you and your family might be the perfect dog for another home. Any Westie relinquished to us is placed in a loving foster home until their new home is found.

Our goal is to find the best home for your Westie. WRN carefully screens all applicants to ensure that they will provide a loving, caring and safe environment. All adopters have successfully completed our application process which includes an interview, reference check and home visit.

We would request that you give us as much information about your Westie's health and temperament, good and bad, as possible. It is very helpful if you can provide us with any veterinary records or a printout from your vet. To make the transition as easy as possible on your dog, please provide us with additional details such as:

  • Favorite toys and activities
  • Where they stay during the day
  • Where they sleep
  • Dislikes, such as the vacuum cleaner
  • Type of food and brand they have been eating
  • Any other information you think might be helpful


To relinquish your Westie or to ask questions about relinquishment please contact us. Please be patient when contacting us. As a volunteer organization we may not respond immediately, but be assured we will answer your phone or email request within three days.