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If you are considering surrendering your Westie, please contact us.  A WRN volunteer will initially talk with you via phone to determine if they can help you keep your Westie. Only if you tell us you are absolutely sure you want to relinquish your Westie will we start the process to transfer ownership of your dog to WRN.

We know that giving up a beloved pet can be an extremely emotional decision and you have many options regarding who should receive your dog. At a minimum, we ask that you give your dog up to a loving, recognized pet placement organization to ensure the happiest transition for your Westie. Let us explain our process and how we know we are the best!

  • Our Intake Coordinator will contact you and discuss your dog’s issues.  Telling us truthful information will help us resolve your dog's issues. We will request a photo to ensure the dog is a Westie as we typically do not accept Westie mixes unless they are predominantly Westie in appearance; that is, white in color, erect and pointed ears and tail and the approximate height and weight of a typical Westie (See the section of this website entitled "The Westie Breed").  We will send you relinquishment paperwork via email and ask for any veterinary paperwork you have.
  • One of our volunteers will meet you to pick up your Westie and the signed relinquishment paperwork and transport him or her to our Vet for a quick check-up and then onto a loving foster home. Note; you pay no for fee allowing WRN to take your dog.
  • The Westie spends quality time with one of our screened and verified foster homes where we retrain, rehabilitate and learn all about what he or she loves/hates and makes sure they are as healthy as possible. When the Westie is ready the Foster Parent contacts our Adoption Coordinator to match the Westie to a loving home.
  • While the above three steps are happening our Adoption Coordinator is carefully screening our waiting list of potential adopters. We conduct a phone interview, send a written Adoption Application, and check personal and Veterinary references the potential adopter provides. If the potential adopter qualifies by meeting the requirements they must then allow a WRN volunteer to conduct a visit to their home to meet the family and their pets and insure it provides a safe environment. If the potential adopter passes the home visit they will be added to our waiting list.  We have had adopters wait years to receive one of our Westies!
  • The Adoption Coordinator and Foster Parents discuss potential adopters. Once they both agree on the best environment for the dog, the Foster Parents contact the potential “fur-ever” home. They arrange a meet-and-greet session with the adopters, any resident dogs in the adopter’s home and the WRN dog at the foster home.  If it is a match, they get to go home together. Please note we have been doing this work for almost 30 years and have successfully rehomed over 950 Westies and counting.
  • A WRN volunteer will follow up with the Westie's new home, usually after 7 to 10 days, and make sure everything is going well and give advice where necessary.