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13 Mar

Bravo, a 4 year-old Westie, was relinquished by his family to a Denver shelter because he was blinded by congenital cataracts and they found him to be too much of a burden. Although the shelter tried to adopt him, the behaviors he developed to manage his blindness, kept him from finding his forever home.

Westie Rescue Network was able to place him in a foster home with another Westie boy. After testing it was discovered that surgery might restore all or most of his sight. Bravo was in a cone for several months after surgery as his eyes healed and his daily medications included 6 types of eye drops and 2 oral medications. According to his foster dad "Watching Bravo discover his world after surgery was one of the most rewarding foster experiences." Many of Bravo's bad behaviors slowly disappeared now that he could see his surroundings and he learned to comfortably interact with other dogs.

Ironically, Bravo was adopted by a local Optometrist and his wife and now romps happily with a new Westie brother